LA Has Been Good To Me

Sorry I’ve been lacking with the updates! In my last post I talk about giving yourself credit for the little things which I struggled with for a little bit, hence my lack of updates. Here’s some updates from these past couple months that I should be giving myself some more credit for. As cliche as it may sound, the little things lead to bigger and better things.🙃

🔹I do indeed have an agent! That’s half the battle, right?

🔹Having been to LA for about 8 months now, I’ve already been on more auditions than I have ever gone on in the time I was in Chicago.

🔹I booked a gig! Off to a great start. Loved every second. I love being on set so much! Downside, when I showed up to the wardrobe fitting the location wasn’t accessible. This was very upsetting for me to not be able to have the same experience other actors were getting especially considering they specifically casted a person with a disability. As always, we made it work, production was very apologetic and supportive, we ended up having to do my wardrobe fitting outside. Unfortunately, this happens very often in Hollywood with the amount of available inaccessible venues. Something I hope will change as I continue on this journey.

🔹I continued my studies at improv at Second City Hollywood! Downside, Second City Hollywood is located in an inaccessible building. This was very upsetting for me because I loved being a part of the Second City community outside of class. They moved my class to an offsite location to accommodate for me and I had my first improv show in Hollywood in February.

🔹March consisted of preparing for where we are now. Quarantine. The days of uncertainty, self discovery, and being grateful for your surroundings.

🔹In April I finally started doing something I’ve always wanted to do, scriptwriting! One day I’d love to produce and act in a show or movie i wrote myself! It’s been draining, exciting, and fun!

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