A Letter To The Guy That Kissed Me Out Of Pity

Thank you. Thank you for telling me the truth. Thank you for not wasting my time in trying to be your friend or anything more. Thank you for showing your true colors. Thank you for not being fake. Thank you for squeezing out the little ounce of faith I had in the male population to a pulp.

I have never ONCE in my entire life even considered the possibility that the people in my life would ever do something for me out of pity. And you thought that it was okay to kiss me, out of pity, and then TELL ME that it was out of pity AND THEN not even have the guts to give me the reasoning. Probably best I don’t know.

Even after confronting and asking you to explain yourself, you refused. Chose to end the conversation instead of even attempting to save it. Had absolutely no interest in trying to mend our friendship. To make me not upset, to even try and take back what you said. And with no closure…. this left me to openly analyze your actions. My analyzation led me to believe that you kissed me out of pity because you probably think that I can’t find another man….specifically because of my disability. There isn’t too much else I could link to your sense of pity. Especially since you agreed to being my best friend’s date to an event without hesitation considering you guys haven’t even been talking regularly or ANYTHING. So was it pity date too???

The fact that you look at me and feel pitiful makes me really wish I had the ability to kick you in your undersized knads. The fact that you could look at me and feel pitiful makes me believe you think you’re better than me. The fact that you THOUGHT I had feelings for you AND kissed me out of pity makes you scummy and rude and a coward. The fact that you felt that way makes me realize what kind of person you really are.

LOL. This is actually all so hilarious to me because I am probably one of the least pitiful people EVER. My life is fucking amazing thanks to all my friends and family, I’m successful, hot AF, and live on my own. As far as I’m concerned, I’m kicking this disability’s ass and your act of pity has done nothing but make me angry and skeptical. Skeptical at the fact that I truly thought you were a genuine, nice person. But you’re not. Skeptical about the type of person you actually are.

I pity you for being so uneducated. I pity you for having such a big head. I pity you for believing that I needed you. I pity you for being rude and cowardly. I pity you for losing a lot of respect from not just me but my close friends too. I pity you for being the subject of this resentful blog post.

Next time you kiss someone out of pity, do them a favor and DON’T. I think you should really question your own sense of self before deciding to pity others that don’t deserve pity.


A non-pitiable person

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