Accomodation Proclamation

It’s interesting when my friends help me to see how they think they should do it without instruction by using the same techniques they’re familiar with.


What I mean by that is, when a person comes to help me, they should technically ask me what way works best for me is. But I have some friends who have experience helping other disabled people, which is great. But there’s just one issue with that.

When I go by my friend Alex’s, and her friends help me, they automatically help me the same way as they would help Alex. But we are two completely different individuals who sit comfortably in many different ways. For example, Alex sits on the toilet sideways. I, for one, cannot and do not like to sit sideways on the toilet. Alex needs her sandwiches cut in 4, I do not. I like wearing my leggings with it stretched over my heel, Alex does not.

Each individual person likes and needs things done a certain way depending on their disability. Even if it seems like a small pointless detail, just think about it this way… If we were physically able to complete this task on our own, we would do it a certain way… Actually, in our head we map out how we would do it ourselves. And try to explain to our helpers as descriptively as possible how we like things done.

The best technique of all is being able to realize how the slightest of changes in helping a disabled person can make a worlds difference in that persons comfortability. It’s in both parties best interest to ask what technique works best for each situation.

Just because you help one disabled person, does not mean that technique will work for everyone.  There is no default here.

If you’re a chef and you cook everyone’s steaks medium rare without asking their preference, you’re going to have a lot of angry and confused customers.

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