Actions Move Mountains

In a previous post revolving quarantine and the coronavirus I talk about how we are addicted to being consumers of all Earth has to offer. We are now in a time where the argument revolves around damaged businesses versus making a change for our future. To better mankind. To be heard. To create equality.

Communities can be rebuilt. New businesses will open. The economy can regrow itself. People can find new jobs. Messes can be cleaned up. Communities will recover. The families of those who have suffered through mourning due to acts of racism or sexism will forever mourn.

This is our time to understand that people breaking glass windows is much less of a crime than constant murder based on race. This is our time to understand that there is a divide between humans. This is a time to see that we need to come together and reorganize our priorities. Our number one priority on this Earth should be and always be, protecting each other. Life is delicate. People deserve to breathe their last breath until the universe chooses its their time. Humans should not be choosing their time for them. Especially based on a person’s race, sex, gender or religion.

Putting human lives and feelings at the forefront of our communities and the protests and looting will stop. Until then, change will never be made. Because people are not our priorities and it shows.

Our communities are begging for change. Our communities are crying out for help from those who are still not listening. Our communities are desperate to be heard. Our communities want peace with everyone but are not seeing peace being returned. 

At the end of the day we all share the same abilities and needs. The need to live. The need to love. The ability to learn. The ability to grow. The need to succeed. The ability to see, smell, taste, touch. The ability to play, laugh, eat, breathe. To cry, mourn, scream, and be angry. 

Actions speak louder than words. Our communities have used words as an attempt to be heard only to see actions not being met. Actions move mountains in all aspects of creating healthy relationships. It’s time to repair the relationship we have with each other to live peacefully and help everyone live happily and successfully. 

#BlackLivesMatter #PoliceReform #MakeAChange #BeHeard #Listen #BurnItDownToTurnItAround #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords

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