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There are two kinds of people with disabilities.
The ones that find the optimism in their abilities, rather than limitations, and advocate the fact that their disability does not define them as a person.
And then there are the ones who are very adamant that their life sucks whether the optimists choose to believe it or not, BECAUSE of their disability.

Now, here’s the real reality of it.
Yes. You were born with a disability.
Yes. It does make you “different” than the majority.
Yes. You are going to have to depend on others for some things.
Yes. In some cases, there is no cure.
No. Your life does not suck due to your disability.

Some of these pessimists also feel the need to announce to the world how badly their disability has affected their lives in a negative way. That to me is just a cry for attention.

Here’s the way I see it…

There comes a time in someone’s life where they learn to accept who they are. And what they are. And where they’re going. Having a disability is just that. Something that needs to be accepted. Some people have trouble losing weight. Some people have trouble gaining weight. Some people hate their height. And some people can’t undo the fact that they have a disability. But it’s something we can’t change about ourselves.

I believe that some people are so focused on the negatives that it completely eliminates the positives.

I’m actually really glad that I was born with a disability. If it weren’t for my disability… I would not have the same personality. Or the same friends. Or the same mind process. Or the same dreams. I wouldn’t be Sawsan…

If I were to quickly forget the fact that I have a disability, I would think about how fucking amazing my life is. It might not be as easy as the next guys… But who said life was easy? Everyone has their own personal struggles, having a disability just makes ours a little more noticeable to the naked eye.

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