This is a beautiful time to be grateful for our surroundings. From the food we have in the fridge to the people we are quarantined with. Let’s be grateful. I hope more people will join in when I do this and share their gratitude for the people they’re with. I wanna give a shoutout to each of my quaranfamily members!

💎@stoax38 for making endless flautas and spaghetti and for being my bff for like 13 years!

💎@sarah.simm for always making us laugh and spreading constant love, support, and positivity every single day!

💎@itsmissastealyourgirl for bringing people together with unconditional love and for being my main PA.

💎@jordnicole13 for being my backbone and always down to plan and execute crazy indoor activities to keep ourselves busy. Also for being my backup PA.

This is such a hard time for people with disabilities to get the care they need due to obvious social distancing safety and protecting our own health. So shoutout to all the PAs out there bending over backwards and working more than they normally would or for choosing to quarantine with a person with a disability to make sure they are safe and get the care they need! You guys are the real MVPs and definitely a part of the essential people category during this crazy time. Having moved to LA knowing absolutely no one, I’m so extremely lucky and grateful to have surrounded myself with amazing people that I can call my LA family. Who do nothing but lift each other higher. As we all should be doing. Especially now.

It’s easy to begin to lose patience and control of our own emotions the more you become comfortable with the people you’re around. Constantly reminding yourself what’s important, why you love them, and understanding that everyone lives their lives so uniquely is a great way of improving our ability to interact with people in a healthy and caring way. Every day is a gift to get to know the people around you better than you ever have before. Take advantage of this time in a positive way! Start by giving daily hugs and ask how everyone’s feeling.♥️

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