Life Update: LA Edition

I’ve been working on getting Personal Assistant services setup in LA and man it is a pain in the ass! The government pretty much makes it impossible for people with disabilities to move states. I’ve been here almost two months with no services. I’ve been lucky enough to move with roomies who are willing to help me for free until I have services and honestly I have not the slightest clue how I would be able to make this move successful without them. And to think I almost moved here by myself!! Ever since the start of planning this move, the universe has given me so many signs that this is where I’m meant to be. I am so lucky to have such an amazing support system to make this all possible. Moving states, especially with a disability, is a huge step and I’m so happy to say I did it and am doing it!!

What makes this transition from moving state to state with a disability is that I have to sign up for services all over again as if I’ve never had services before and as if I wasn’t disabled before moving states. This is a huge struggle for so many people with disabilities that want to move states but are afraid of losing their current benefits. People with disabilities are being held back from reaching their full potential in life because of reasons such as this one. There is no system in place for people with permanent disabilities to just be that. Moving states means having to prove that I’m disabled as if it just happened yesterday. I don’t want to have to constantly prove that I can’t walk when you can see this hunk of steel from a mile away and here I am trying to live my life as normally as possible without dealing with someone confirming I’m still disabled every year. Something has gotta change.


Another huge struggle people with disabilities deal with when it comes to signing up for services is that we can only make a certain amount of money. Aka, the richer I am the less disabled I am systemically. You know the saying, money can’t buy happiness? Well it can’t buy me a new pair of legs either!

The system is so messed up that I have literally gotten a letter saying that I was not disabled based on my income. People with disabilities not only struggle to find a job due to the mass amount of discrimination in the work force, but also are afraid to get a job because they’re afraid of losing services that help them get in and out of bed everyday. How much sense does that make?

People with permanent disabilities need their own system and it should not be mixed in with other socioeconomic demographics. My income has absolutely nothing to do with “how disabled” I am.

I strive to live my life freely without letting my disability get in the way and it’s facts like this that’s a constant reminder that living with a disability is hard enough as it is without having to hear it from someone else that’s not my doctor. I strive to live independently and not let my disability stop me but that’s hard to do when the fear of “who will get me up every morning” is fear enough to stop most people with disabilities from achieving their goals.

Instead of signing up for services I’d much rather be going to coffee shops and meeting new people. Instead of finding new people to rely on to help me every single day, I’d rather find new friends. Instead of googling to find a place to get my wheelchair fixed, I’d rather google what the best acting schools in LA are. Instead of finding someone who’s going to help me get up in the morning, I’d rather find a man to sleep with. *snaps to that*

On that note, end rant.

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