Life Update

Yesterday was my last day at MDA. It was an awesome 3.8 years but it was time for me to move on. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I am so so grateful for all the incredible people I’ve met in that time but I felt like my growth as a professional was stunted in the position I was in and I wasn’t able to find an alternative internal position I would feel passionately about. Putting in my resignation was extremely difficult, MDA is and always will be a huge part of my life though my future is the reason I live everyday. I didn’t feel like I was utilizing my time wisely sitting behind a desk at a job I’m overqualified for that doesn’t align with my goals and dreams. 

I still work part-time at the Apple store for now. I absolutely love my job there. I never pictured myself working in a retail store but I feel so incredibly humbled to work for a company that values inclusivity, diversity, and human interaction. I love talking to customers. I love my coworkers. And I absolutely love how Apple values and empowers their employees. It’s the sort of environment that I love feeding off of and continue to feed off even outside of work. 

Ultimately, in order to pursue my dreams of becoming an actress, I need to have more time to do so which is another factor that led me to my decision. I’ve been so focused on making money and getting out of debt that I lost track of my path. Time to hop back in and chase my dreams with my newfound time!

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