Mental Health Update

November was a tough month for me mentally and emotionally. I spent countless nights with insomnia, questioning what I’m doing with my life and wondering what my future will bring. I left my life in Chicago where everything was perfect. I had so many friends and family close by, two great jobs, awesome Personal Assistants, services and insurances and doctors all set up with no issues, and a great apartment.

Moving states is a decision I definitely don’t regret but really made me appreciate what I had in Chicago. Starting over has been tough, especially getting disability services set up because the government sucks. I’ve had plenty of ups and downs this month. Most of my “downs” revolved around spending probably over 40+ hours on the phone with insurance trying to make sure I get the care I need. In order to get PA services I’m required to be eligible for government insurance as opposed to taking the easy way out and taking my work insurance… The government literally makes it so difficult for people they are supposed to be serving to get the help they need. It’s absolutely disgusting.

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