My First Blog Post

I guess I should start from the beginning?
My name is Sawsan Abuosbie. Saw-sin ABOOZ-bee. I’m 20 years old, junior at Illinois state university. And I’m in a wheelchair.
Yes. A 4 wheeled hunk of metal of an ass that I use in replace of my legs. It really brings out my eyes.
I was born with this thing, which I don’t expect anyone to have heard of, called spinal muscular atrophy type 2. It’s a form of muscular dystrophy. And in the muscular dystrophy book for dummies, SMA2 simply means that I cannot gain muscle in the main muscles of my body. Arms, legs, neck, and lungs. This is a progressive disease so I do lose muscle and get weaker with time. Ive had many friends die of this disease because they get so weak, so it is a very serious disease.
For the record, I can feel my legs and ass. But there is one part of my body, unrelated to this disease, that I actually cannot feel. But we’ll get into that later.
For now, I’ll stick to sharing with the world my thoughts and stuff… That’s what blogging is for isn’t it?
I’m pretty chill, I love people, and guys, and abs, and CAMP. oh you guys will hear a lot about my camp. It’s my life. Literally. I LOVE music and the media. Pop culture. All that jazz.
I like to rant about the stupid shit that people do to piss me off. Granted I don’t actually get pissed. More like…. Very confused as to what goes through people’s minds when they decided to be idiots. Yeah I like to rant about them.

Enjoy! Subscribe! Add me! Follow me! Sign up! Email me! I don’t really know how this website works at all so whatever button means you’ll read my posts, click it. (:


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