Quarantine Feels

This is a time where we are all have more time with ourselves than we ever have before. Spending time with ourselves makes us think more. Become more patient. Helps us understand our thoughts more clearly. Forces us to be grateful for what we have. Allows us to become better humans for ourselves and for those around us.

Being able to discover something new things about ourselves. Finally sitting down and and starting those “I’ll do it tomorrow”’s. Rewarding yourself for the little things and not realizing how little credit you were giving yourself before. Not taking time for granted. Cooking. Dancing. Laughing. Playing games. Taking a nap. Working out. Meditating. Coloring. Reading.

Before quarantine we were constant consumers of earth and all its offerings. To a point where we all became addicted to a life of consuming and socializing. To a point where we forgot what it means to have food in the fridge that’s going bad when we decide to eat out. To a point where we stop to forget to callback our loved ones because we’re “busy.” If this quarantine has taught me anything, it’s that life is short especially when we choose to speed up our days. Instead, we should slow down our days to enjoy our highs. Every day should be a high. Not just waiting to cross off the days leading up to something as quickly as possible. That vacation. That wedding. That graduation. That award show. That birthday. That brunch with friends. That anniversary. Down to where we constantly thank god for Friday’s because we’re happy the week is over.

What I hope it’s teaching the world is how to coexist together as a whole in a way that’s positive, appreciative, and humble. Reminding the people that we love that  we love them, constantly.

Instead of focusing on people who have recovered, assuming and hoping we all will. We have to live as if we won’t. To protect ourselves and those around us. Because those around us is someone’s loved one. Preparing for the worst will help us be our best. And now more than ever, our strength, patience, and will power is being tested and strengthened.

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