Sleeping On A Cloud Of Hopeless Dreams

All my life I dreamed to be an actress. The idea of having my name known worldwide sounds so amazing. I doubt I’d be a good actress in the first place but still. A girl can dream.
Around my senior year of high school I started to actual give a flying fadoodle about my looks. And gained some confidence.
Now, I dream of being a model. I want to be THAT girl that changes the way a model should look. And I mean I somewhat have the face and have a great rack. And then there’s the chair.
Oh how could I forget. There’s no possible way a girl in a wheelchair can become a model. How ABSURD, am I right?
Not. Fuck the rules. Fuck the status quo. And fuck the next person that tells me NO (for a stupid reason of course. I take constructive criticism well).
I don’t mean to sound vein or anything. Everybody has dreams. This is mine.
My dream is to become a model, since I sure as hell can’t act. Being a model is pretty much acting without talking. Which I can do. Anyways. I want to become that iconic person that changes the way the world looks at people with disabilities. People with disabilities always feel like they cannot do something because of the automatic assumption that their wheelchair is the answer. That their wheelchair makes them not as accepted. Blahblahblah
All a wheelchair does is make a person stand out more, in a good way. Most of the time, that person has the best things to say and deserves to stand out. And people don’t see that.
I want people with disabilities to realize the potential they have. I want you all to see that people with disabilities have an equal chance of becoming whatever they want to be.
Well, world, that’s what I’m here for.
And I want you all to listen. And listen well.

My disability does not define me. I define IT. So don’t look at my chair and judge me. I’d rather you look at my cleavage if that’s the case. Nothing is wrong with my brain and I thank god for that everyday. I just hope you all can see that too.

thanks for reading (:

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