Theatre At Its Finest

I had the honor of performing in a @tellintalestheatre sneak peek production of Always Greener this weekend. It was my first experience performing musical theatre. I always thought I sounded like a dying cat when I sang and was very nervous about having to sing in public for the first time during my audition. Through much help and support from friends, voice lessons, and rehearsals, I’m finally confident that I’m not musically challenged after all which makes me so happy because I love music so much! I’m thrilled to see what this new experience will bring me in the future and cannot wait for the full show!

The play is about a small town of people with and without disabilities where inaccessibility and inequality doesn’t exist. And people with disabilities even have helpers so finding PAs is never a struggle. It’s a beautifully written script and the music is relatable, catchy, and powerful!

Tellin’ Tales is such an amazing and inclusive production company. Being a part of their team reminded me of why I started getting into entertainment. To tell a story. Make a statement. Raise awareness. And most importantly, make a change through the arts of theatre, tv, and media. To learn more about the musical visit

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